Stefan Güttel Awarded 2023 ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize

Professor Stefan Güttel has been awarded the Taussky–Todd Prize by the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).

The ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize is given every three years at an ILAS Conference to an outstanding mid-career researcher in the field of linear algebra, for distinguished contributions to the field within about fifteen years of receiving the PhD or equivalent degree.

The 2023 ILAS Taussky–Todd Prize honours Professor Güttel’s “deep and impactful work on rational Krylov methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems and matrix functions, in all aspects: analysis, software development, and applications”.

The prize is named for Olga Taussky and John Todd, who had a decisive impact on the development of theoretical and numerical linear algebra for over half a century. It honours them for their many and varied mathematical achievements and for their efforts in promoting linear algebra and matrix theory.

Professor Güttel will deliver a prize lecture at the 25th ILAS Conference in Madrid, 12 to 16 June 2023.

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