Here are indexes to the articles in the different categories in reverse chronological order.


  1. Numerical Linear Algebra Group Activities 2022
  2. Stefan Güttel Awarded 2023 ILAS Taussky-Todd Prize
  3. Nick Higham Elected Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering
  4. Talks for NJH60 Now Available on YouTube
  5. A Logo for the Numerical Linear Algebra Group
  6. Nick Higham to give International Congress of Mathematicians Lecture
  7. 2022 NLA group photo
  8. Jack Dongarra Receives 2021 ACM A.M. Turing Award
  9. NLA Group Work on Stochastic Rounding Featured in Science News
  10. SIAM PP22 Minisymposium on Understanding and Exploiting Mixed-Precision Accelerators for High-Performance Computing
  11. Numerical Linear Algebra Group Activities 2021
  12. Nick Higham Featured in People of ACM
  13. Nick Higham Awarded the 2022 Hans Schneider Prize
  14. SIAM AN21 Minisymposium on Computational Frontiers in Numerical Linear Algebra
  15. NLA Group Presentations at SIAM Annual Meeting 2021
  16. Nick Higham Awarded the SIAM George Pólya Prize for Mathematical Exposition
  17. The BLAS named as one of the “Ten Codes that Transformed Science”
  18. SIAM CSE21 MINISYMPOSIUM ON “Mixed Precision Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing”
  19. Nick Higham Named 2020 ACM Fellow
  20. Numerical Linear Algebra Group Activities 2020
  21. Theo Mary Awarded the 2021 SIAG/LA Early Career Prize
  22. Nick Higham Awarded the IMA Gold Medal 2020
  23. Stefan Güttel awarded the 2021 SIAM James H. Wilkinson Prize
  24. NLA Group Articles Amongst Most Read In SIAM Journals
  25. Françoise Tisseur Awarded the LMS Fröhlich Prize
  26. Nick Higham Interviewed in The Actuary Magazine
  27. Online Seminar Series on Numerical Linear Algebra
  28. 2020 NLA group photo
  29. NLA Group at the SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing
  30. Conference Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Jack Dongarra
  31. Numerical Algorithms for High-Performance Computational Science Issue of Phil Trans R Soc A
  32. Jack Dongarra Selected to Receive the 2020 IEEE Computer Society’s Computer Pioneer Award
  33. Poster Successes at SIAM UKIE 2020 Section Meeting
  34. Numerical Linear Algebra Group Activities 2019
  35. NLA Group Partnering with Arup on Next Generation Structural Engineering Software
  36. Low Precision Floating-Point Formats: The Wild West of Computer Arithmetic
  37. Nick Higham Delivers Invited Talk at the ICIAM Congress in Valencia
  38. Françoise Tisseur Delivers the Olga Taussky-Todd Lecture at the ICIAM Congress in Valencia
  39. Massimiliano Fasi awarded PhD
  40. Nick Higham awarded the LMS Naylor Prize and Lectureship
  41. Highlights of Advances in Numerical Linear Algebra Conference
  42. Françoise Tisseur elected as SIAM UKIE Section President
  43. Jack Dongarra elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Society
  44. Version 4.0 of NLEVP Collection of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems
  45. SIAM CSE19 Minisymposium on “Advances in Analyzing Floating-point Errors in Computational Science”
  46. For a Few Equations More
  47. Celebrating the Centenary of James H. Wilkinson’s Birth
  48. Jack Dongarra Awarded SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering
  49. Numerical Algorithms for High-Performance Computational Science, Royal Society, London, April 8-9, 2019
  50. Research Associate in Numerical Linear Algebra Group – 2 posts
  51. Beyer Chair in Applied Mathematics
  52. NLA Group Talks at SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2019
  53. Numerical Linear Algebra Group Activities 2018
  54. Theo Mary awarded the Gilles Kahn prize
  55. Weijian Zhang Awarded PhD for Work on Evolving Graphs
  56. Partnership with NAG on Numerical Linear Algebra for Emerging Computer Architectures
  57. Stefan Güttel and Nick Higham selected as Turing Fellows
  58. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in Applied Mathematics
  59. Welcome to the NLA Group Website
  60. Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellowships (8 Positions)
  61. ICIAM 2019 Invited Speaker – Nick Higham
  62. Heilbronn Fellowships in Mathematics (3 positions)
  63. Steven Elsworth wins second SIAM Student Travel Award
  64. Teaching Excellence Award for Stefan Güttel


  1. Computational Graphs for Matrix Functions
  2. Exploiting the MATLAB Language in Implementing a Matrix Collection
  3. Plotting Circles to Test Low Precision Arithmetics and Rounding Modes
  4. CPFloat: A C library for emulating low-precision arithmetic
  5. Simulating Stochastically Rounded Floating-Point Arithmetic Efficiently
  6. Parallel sparse Linear solvers: Double versus Single precision
  7. Mixed Precision LU Factorization on GPU Tensor Cores
  9. Pivoted Matrices with Tunable Condition Number and the HPL-AI Benchmark
  10. Numerical Behaviour of Tensor Cores
  11. Stochastic Rounding Has Unconditional Probabilistic Error Bounds
  12. Extreme-Scale Test Matrices with Specified 2-Norm Condition Number
  13. Sharper Probabilistic Backward Error Bounds
  14. Issues with Rounding in the GCC Implementation of the ISO 18037:2008 Standard Fixed-Point Arithmetic
  15. Solving Block Low-Rank Linear Systems by LU Factorization is Numerically Stable
  16. Determinants of Bohemian matrix families
  17. A Class of Fast and Accurate Summation Algorithms
  18. Simulating Low Precision Floating-Point Arithmetics
  19. Computing the Wave-Kernel Matrix Functions
  20. A new preconditioner exploiting low-rank factorization error
  21. The Paterson–Stockmeyer method for evaluating polynomials and rational functions of matrices
  22. Computing the matrix exponential in arbitrary precision
  23. Scaling a Matrix to Exploit Half Precision Arithmetic
  24. A New Approach to Probabilistic Rounding Error Analysis
  25. Fast Solution of Linear Systems via GPU Tensor Cores’ FP16 Arithmetic and Iterative Refinement
  26. Primary Solutions of Matrix Equations