Group meetings are on Wednesday at 11am in Frank Adams 1. If you would like to give a presentation please contact Stephanie Lai.

Wednesday January 23

Sven Hammarling on “Machines for the Solution of Linear Equations”.

Past Meetings

Tuesday December 11

Massimiliano Fasi on “Efficient and Accurate evaluation of polynomials of matrices”. Notes and Slides.

Tuesday December 4

Theo Mary on “A New Approach to Rounding Error Analysis”. Paper and Slides.

Tuesday November 27

No meeting.

Tuesday November 20

Lijing Lin on “Phenotyping immune responses in asthma and respiratory infections using clustering techniques”.  An abstract for the talk is available here.

Tuesday November 13

Srikara Pranesh on “Squeezing a Matrix Into Half Precision, with an Application to Solving Linear Systems”.

Tuesday November 6

Elisa Riccietti on “High-order multilevel optimization strategies and their application to the training of artificial neural networks”. Abstract for the talk is available here.

Tuesday October 30

Gain Maria Negri Porzio on “The contour integral approach for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem”.

Tuesday October 23

Nick Higham on “The adjugate matrix”. From the meeting: Notes.

Tuesday October 16

Tom McSweeney on ”Task scheduling in high-performance computing”. From the meeting: Slides, Notes.

Tuesday October 9

Nick Higham on ”Optimizing the Wilson Matrix”. From the meeting: Notes.

Here is the group photo from the meeting (hires version).DSC00120.ARW

Tuesday October 2

Pierre Blanchard on ”Optimized Polar Decomposition for Modern Computer Architectures”. From the meeting: Slides, Notes.

Tuesday September 25

Introductions, new website, and plans for the academic year, including conferences. From the meeting: Notes.