Advances in Numerical Linear Algebra: Celebrating the 60th Birthday of Nick Higham, 6-8 July 2022


This international workshop focuses on numerical linear algebra (NLA) and will bring together researchers working in NLA to discuss current developments, challenges in the light of evolving computer hardware and the changing needs of applications, but most importantly to celebrate the 60th birthday of Nick Higham.

If you want to tweet about this conference (or similarly via other social media platforms) please use the hashtag #njh60.

Invited Speakers

  1. Zhaojun Bai (University of California, Davis) – video
  2. Michele Benzi (Scuola Normale Supriore)
  3. Erin Carson (Charles University) – video
  4. Rob Corless (Unviersity of Western Ontario) – video
  5. Jim Demmel (University of California at Berkeley) – video
  6. Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge Laboratory and University of Manchester) – video
  7. Alan Edelman (MIT) – video
  8. Max Fasi (University of Durham) – video
  9. Melina Freitag (University of Potsdam) – video
  10. Andreas Frommer (University of Wuppertal) – video
  11. Sven Hammarling (University of Manchester)
  12. Des Higham (University of Edinburgh) – video
  13. Ilse Ipsen (North Carolina State University) – video
  14. Fabienne Jezequel (Sorbonne University) – video
  15. Daniel Kressner (EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) – video
  16. Phillip Knight (Strathclyde University) – video
  17. Theo Mary (Sorbonne University and CNRS) – video
  18. Volker Mehrmann (Berlin Institute of Technology) – video
  19. Beatrice Meini (University of Pisa) – video
  20. Steve Mackey (Western Michigan University)
  21. Christian Mehl (TU Berlin) – video
  22. Yuji Nakatsukasa (University of Oxford) – video
  23. Vanni Noferini (Aalto University)
  24. Dennis Sherwood (Silver Bullet Machine)
  25. David Silvester (University of Manchester) – video
  26. Nick Trefethen (University of Oxford) – video
  27. Paul Van Dooren (Catholic University of Louvain) – video
  28. Andrew Wathen (University of Oxford) – video
  29. Margaret Wright (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University) – video
  30. Krystyna Ziętak – video
  31. Charlie Van Loan (Cornell University) (after dinner speaker)
  32. Nick Higham (University of Manchester) – video

Schedule and Abstracts

The schedule is available here. The abstracts can be found in:  book of abstracts.

Conference Dinner

There will be a conference dinner held at 7pm on Thursday 7th July, with a reception from 6pm. Details will be announced to registered participants who indicated they would like to attend at registration. There is the possibility of inviting a partner/spouse/children to the dinner. Please email to enquire.

On Wednesday 6th July, the conference will not be providing dinner. Please see this doc for some local dining suggestions


All talks will take place in Frank Adams Room 1 in the Alan Turing Building of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. The building is 20 minutes walk from the city centre and 15 minutes walk from Piccadilly or Oxford Road train stations; see how to get here.


This conference has received funding from The Royal Society, MathWorks and the University of Manchester.


To register use the following link:

The deadline for registration is 6th June 2022. Places are limited so please register as soon as possible. Invited speakers in the list above should not register.

Contributed Posters

While there is no option to contribute a talk, it is possible to contribute a poster. Please indicate this when you register.

Student and Early Career Funding

There is some funding available for students and early career researchers. Send an email to before 6th June to enquire. Participants presenting a poster will be prioritised. Please send a CV, poster title (if applicable) and requested funding amount. Confirmation of funding will be made by 10th June.

Other Information

The organizers are Stefan Güttel, Sven Hammarling, Stephanie Lai, Françoise Tisseur and Marcus Webb.